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Welcome to Cloud Wars Expo

Hi there,

My name is Bob Evans, and I am the founder of Cloud Wars & Co-Founder of Acceleration Economy. We created this event to bring the greatest growth market the world has ever known to life with the people, solutions & innovation defining the future of work, life and culture.

To compete in the acceleration economy, business leaders need to optimize their digital future.

This demands a reimagination of business models that are enabled by the cloud, empowered by AI and optimized by human ingenuity, with a goal to dazzle customers & employees.

To accelerate these growth decisions, CXO’s need access to highly influential thinkers, vendors, partners and advisors without wasting precious time screwing around.
Cloud Wars Expo is two and a half days to accelerate the most important decisions your company will make to optimize your digital future.


The who, what & why of Cloud Wars Expo

What to expect @ Cloud Wars Expo

From the first time you see a social post about Cloud Wars Expo through to registering for the event and joining us in San Francisco, our mission is to reset your expectations.  What you expect from a physical event post pandemic, what you expect from an education & conference program, what you expect on the “expo floor” at Moscone Center and more!  The world has changed and so has business, and the beauty of launching this event in 2022 is we do not have legacy expectations like other events—we are new, we are different, and we are not bound by old school tradeshow stuff.

So, we have designed four guiding principles for the event—so that everything we do revolves around your ability to reimagine, optimize, accelerate and dazzle—we put some context around this below:

Reimagine industry-first business models

  • Industry Cloud deep dive education tracks
  • Multi-cloud industry first solutions
  • Supply Chain panel discussions
  • Learn from Industry Accelerators that have reimagined business models
  • Do it all faster

Optimize your digital future

  • Capture next generation skills to remain cloud relevant
  • Future proof business strategy with “Cloud Wars Academy”
  • Meet the companies creating the digital horizon
  • Translate strategy across key CXOs

Accelerate critical decisions

  • Independent event featuring multiple solutions in one place
  • Multi-cloud platform providers to compare
  • Technology deep dive education tracks
  • Acceleration Economy Analyst Briefings
  • Bring CXO project teams together

Dazzle customers & employees

  • Understand what customer’s really want
  • Explore how the customer experience expectation changed
  • Meet the thinkers defining new customer data strategies
  • Understand how security can be a business enabler
Who should (& will) attend Cloud Wars Expo

We call them the growth accelerators—those people that are defining the future office of the CXO.  They are not tethered by legacy, but they do respect it and are looking for new ways to grow off the foundation their business has built.    But with this comes some drama, technical debt and the need to ”sell” new ideas to established boards and investors that have gotten very used of making money the way they have always made money.

This is where Cloud Wars Expo enters the picture, with 40+ hours of education programming, a CXO lounge on the experience floor, in-depth keynotes from people recreating the world in front of our eyes and more.  Yeah, there are a whole lotta reasons why growth accelerators want to be a part of this event, and we are so thrilled to create this current environment for them.

It is about time!

  • Total Paid Attendees: 4,000+
  • Represents the Future of the CXO “Growth Accelerators”
  • Specific titles include(but not limited to):
    • BoD/Executive Business Leadership
    • CIO/CTO
    • CSO/CISO
    • CDO/Data Management
    • CFO/VP/Controller
    • AI/ML/Automation Architect
    • IT Management
    • LOB Management
  • Cross industry, but specific focus on:
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Hospitality & Entertainment
    • Retail
    • Financial Services
    • Public Sector
Thought Leading (not following) Education

The traditional conference program at an expo is tired, boring, mostly irrelevant—and that was the state of the art before the pandemic! Our attention spans have plummeted and our parallel desire for insights and relevance has proportionately soared—today we expect more. We demand more. And we deserve more. Instead of the old model of a speaker droning on for 60 minutes (and in these crazy times, what the heck do we devote 60 whole uninterrupted minutes to??), today we want the deep insights and key points in 20 minutes so we can digest and pursue related thoughtful discussions that drive us toward powerful ideas and decisions.

And that new model is exactly what the Cloud Wars Academy will deliver across 3 days of programming. Day one will feature a 101 and 201 set of courses that last 120 minutes each and are organized into “sessions” within the 2-hour time blocks, featuring expert panels, workshops and roundtables at varying levels of expertise per the time of day and topic.  Day two is Cloud Tech day, with a series of tracks featuring 3-hours of programming with individual sessions lasting 25 minutes each.  Followed by Day three where the same 25-minute sessions approach is taken, but here each track is focused on a different vertical Industry Cloud.  Day one has its own registration as a preconference option, while Days two and three are included in the conference & expo pass where attendees can mix and match across any of the tracks and sessions during the day!

Gone are the boring, snoring, and unrewarding tech conference sessions…. Welcome to a new era of accelerating growth decisions to optimize your digital future with Cloud Wars Academy.

Preconference Day 1


2-hour 101 Courses

  • Cloud Database 101
  • Industry Clouds 101
  • Cloud Security 101
  • Cloud Infrastructure 101
  • Metaverse 101
    Lunch provided to all attendees between sessions

2-hour 201 Courses

  • Cloud Database 201
  • Industry Clouds 201
  • Cloud Security 201
  • Metaverse 201

Day 2


8:30am: KEYNOTE session
3-hours of Cloud Tech Education
6 track themes
Each theme has an analyst host & room
Each track session is 25-minutes
The tracks include:

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Data
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud ERP/Business Apps
  • AI/ML
  • Supply Chain

Day 3


8:30am: KEYNOTE session
3-hours of Industry Cloud Education
6 tracks of Vertical Industries
Each Industry has an analyst host & room
Each track session is 25-minutes
The tracks include:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Hospitality
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