Curated Educational Agenda for Administration of BC/NAV

Using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) or Dynamics NAV is one thing but administering the system that is a core aspect of your business is something else. This requires a blend of technical acumen, business needs, and processes to keep your solutions running smoothly. What this means is you need to:

  • Know the ins and outs of security. It’s important to protect the data that your company depends on but ensure that the right people have the right access to their jobs effectively.
  • Know all the features and functions that are part of your version or subscription. You could save time and money by maximizing your current system configurations instead of filling potential gaps with 3rd party solutions. Or, unlock capabilities for end users by enabling or reconfiguring the system properly.
  • Know how your system integrates with other databases or applications. This is a key aspect that could halt business completely if integrations stop or have issues.
  • Know how to build workflows and automation to streamline business processes. However, don’t automate something just because you can. Understand the need and apply the right solutions.

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Below you will find sessions that are geared to cover all these aspects and much more. So, plan ahead and put these on your “must attend” list.

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