Agenda for D365 CE/CRM

Curated Educational Agenda for Dynamics 365 CE and Dynamics CRM

Known by many names over the past decade, the foundation of the Dynamics 365 CE and Dynamics CRM platform has remained one of the most comprehensive customer relationship and sales platforms in the market.  The one truth about CRM systems is that they are seldom utilized at full capacity to achieve their promise due to a lack of expertise in the systems, shotty data integration and complex user experiences—if you fall in one of these groups or another, the levels of complexity are hard to master.

Therefore, the community is offering 75 sessions specific to meeting you “where you are” in your Microsoft Dynamics journey with this platform.

Below you will find the full agenda curated by:

  1. Skill Set: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  2. Context of Sessions: Live Demo’s, Panel Discussions or Fast Chats
  3. Your Journey: Considering, New To, Migrating or Optimizing this platform (tap on the session to see this view)

Meet a few of our featured Speakers & Thought Leaders that curated this agenda:

Register today for your best deal and join us to future proof your skill set as we decrease the complexity of these systems to deliver the results your company is demanding from their Microsoft investments!

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