ERP Circle of Excellence Lounge & Video Podcast

ERP Circle of Excellence Lounge & Video Podcast
Summit North America 2023!

The ERP Circle of Excellence is a video series and live experience at Summit NA created as a joint effort between Dynamics Communities, Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts, Seer 365, and HandsFree to help enable ERP success.

Featuring a step-by-step video tutorial series brought to you by experienced IT & business users!

How it Works: Tune in & Get Great Ideas

Mini-Series Video Podcast:

  • Video series defines 8-steps to improve ERP Success (tune in below)
  • Each video is approximately 15-20 minutes
  • Videos publish every two weeks
  • Available on this page and on LinkedIn

The Lounge Experience:

  • Hang out with our speakers and ERP experts
  • Bring your issues, problems and concerns
  • Get free advice and guidance on your implementation
  • Learn about cool tools that simplify the ERP process
  • Everyone is welcome—this is not a sales thing, it is a community thing!

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