Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000

As a Fortune 1000 company, you have pioneered your way through to creating a category and position that has driven incredible growth through dazzling your customers and employees—and we have a special offer just for you to take that to the next level from October 15-20 at Community Summit North America, in Charlotte, NC!

As the largest independent Microsoft business applications innovation, training, and education event on the planet with over 500 sessions, we have thousands of finance, IT, operations, and business people just like you; folks that are looking to harness the power of Generative AI, Low Code/No Code applications, ERP systems, Supply Chain platforms and more to drive ROI from technology investments and deliver the results that create value.

Based on your Fortune 1000 status, you qualify for a 10% discount on all access registration, with further discounts for 5 or more of your employees to join us (on average companies send 3-7 people, with some at your company size sending up to 20).


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