Dynamics Users will Join Community Summit in Orlando, October 10-13 and learn how to​
decrease Dynamics complexities and deliver better results.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Community Summit​

  1. Future-Proof Your Skillset – you want to remain at the leading edge of your career. Tap into 500+ sessions to learn from leading experts​
  2. Access to Industry Leaders – learning from the best can help you become the best. We have 300+ speakers ready to share their most valuable tips & tricks.​
  3. D365 Cloud Migrations are Complex – knowing what to avoid is the key to success. Nearly 80 sessions on migrations will give you knowledge from users who have ”been there, done that.”​
  4. Power Platform is Powerful – gaining insights on how operators are leveraging the platform will make YOU powerful. Up your game and enable data-driven decisions for your company.​
  5. Community – meet new people, connect with old friends and learn from MVPs. Think of it as the world’s biggest water cooler.​

Why Summit? Why You?​(in 60 seconds)​

Budgets tight? Need help convincing your boss? Click here.

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